Practice yoga and meet your soul!

Surf and yoga may seem like two things that can’t be easily connected, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Surf as an adrenaline sport made for true lovers of the sea. One the other hand, we have Yoga, the ancient skill to tame your will nature and connect you with your inner spirit.

Why go surfing?

Surfing is a great exercise for your whole body. Apart from being a spot, surfing will make you happy, and you will become more aware of the state of our nature and our oceans. The surfing will make your body more flexible and give you so much needed energy.

To go out on the water and feel wild, untamed and free of all bounds is just an amazing experience and surfing provides you all that.


Anusara – often known as Iyengar, represents the purest form of yoga with a slight sense of humor. This type of yoga is all about accepting and feelings. Instead of practicing usual yoga patterns, this type of yoga asks from student to give their best and to express themselves to the fullest of their abilities.

Ashtanga – represents six established postures, divided into three series. From less demanding to more demanding exercises, students will gradually progress. When students are conduction Ashtanga, they do a series of fast exercises followed with an inhale and exhale. The important thing here is that every exercise is connected with a breath, which is called vinyasa.

Bikram – this is probably one of the most favorite yoga styles. Bikram yoga style resembles sauna. In the room when this type is practiced, heat is increased, nearly 105 degrees and 40% of humidity. It has 26 yoga postures, and each performance is performed twice. It is a great way to clean your body.


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Three most famous surfers


Dane Reynolds

This is one of the most amazing people in the world. He moves on waves like it’s pavement, with such a precision and accuracy. He participated in all the major tournaments and won all the established prices. I am a great fan of his work, especially because he practices yoga as well.


Jordy Smith

This is one of my favorite surfers out there. He always shows the great performance. The way he moves around the waves is just spectacular. He has such an amazing surfing skills. When you at him, he represents such a power on the water. He just beats waves in such a smooth way.


Mick Fanning

He trains a lot and exercises symmetry with his body. People might think he is not that strong, but you would be wrong to assume that. He is like a madman when waves are involved. And with that kind of a body, he can perform great things on the water.