About Us

Linda Cruz, the founder of this website, is a New York-based teacher of Yoga and Pilates and strongly passionate about beaches and surf. As a surfer, she traveled around the world exploring the beaches and the amazing things surf has to offer. Considering she is a full-time yoga teacher, Melissa participated and co – worked with some of the best teachers in the city of New York, for the last ten years.

She combined her experience in yoga and surfing, and this is how this website has been made. Her mission is to provide the best yoga and surf retreats and help people find the latest innovation in this industry. Each location is carefully chosen and represent the best condition one place can offer you. Melissa has already explored each and every one of them, providing you a different level of surfing. From mild waves to rocky beaches, you will enjoy this.

Each yoga class and surf lesson are personally picked, and each retreat will provide you an amazing experience, help you relax and enjoy beautiful nature and stormy waves.